A god maker

Image that… WE… making love floating with the stars.. Cosmic explosions…. pure reflex dodging asteroids up in the air… we dance closer and near the sun… daring to reach anything as hot as… Continue reading

So chopped…

Now that I’m done. Cutting my wrists… Counting the stars. Reliving all my fears Excluding you from my joy… Where are you? Where are your kisses? Where is your embrace to get me… Continue reading

At loss for words.

It is safe to say that we, humans, have an intrinsic necessity to express ourselves. It is human nature, I suppose.  We turn to music, art, journalism… and we want it to be… Continue reading

Just another letter from the same dark place

    Broken hearts and stone walls, Razor blades, coughing sounds… After all these bruises, after all this pain Something’s gotta give   Open soars Rejection Search no more Redemption After all this… Continue reading

tic tac

Passam-se os segundos, os minutos, as horas… uma lida.. Tic tac.. tic tac…. A chegada do hoje é do amanhā a despedida.. Entre os meus dedos escorrem-se os anos, Escorrem-se os erros Escorrem-se… Continue reading

Zazen- Just seat

When sadness knock at your door.. Zazen When a tear stream down your face…Zazen Zazen with tenacity, Zazen with faith… Inside of you are all the answers. Just seat. It is the hardest… Continue reading

A cigarette and a stupor

– I was meant to marry another. Her words came out of her month like spit, a grossly recharged spit gathered from deep down her chest. Like a dark secret she could no… Continue reading

Um poema em portugues

I need to write

Even though words can be easily misunderstood… I release myself from guilt, shame and responsibility, I just want to speak recklessly.

Do we know???

Early  January this year, one of my dear  friends was diagnosed with Lung cancer. Doctors gave him 6 months to live.  It has been 7 and he is still alive. Something about such… Continue reading