Nirvana versus Le Grande Mirage

Trusting is the invariable condition for those who live their lives with an open heart. Skepticism is the symptom of a life of fear thus no love will enter and if it does attempt to, it will be questioned so thoroughly that will stand no chance to survive. In contrary to what may be the common belief trusting is NOT naïveté. The More in tune we are with the universe the easier it is to hear its messages,  to see the signs. I would say that to discern with no judgment  is characteristic of few human beings and although I do not necessary like the term “evolved” I will apply here, not to give a sense of low and high levels but just to pointing it out the awaken stage that although intrinsically ours is  realized and truly experienced by few.

Due to the nature of my work I interact with dozens of people every week. I learn much from each one of them, I learn much from those seeking for healing. I learn much from my dear friends who  seek me for advice or just want to share some of their lives events with me and listen to mine. I often thing about the trust my clients have to have to lay down vulnerably naked on my table and let down every boundary to be cared for. It made me realize that we humans have so much need for one another, and more than that, we are, TRULY, one another since there is no place in which your body starts and another ends.  From that place it is quite simple to see that once the object/subject boundary is eliminated the fear has no room to manifest itself. Period. When you are everything, nothing can stand against you. Hence, the love becomes the only option and it always feels good, it always feels divine. To trust is to love. And I say LOVE in its essence. Love needs no adjective for its accurate presentation… love is neither conditional nor unconditional. Love just is.

When we become this love, we have no other choice but trust and be trusted. This is what makes a great leader, a great mother, father, friend. In that place in which you become the truth there is no truth to be told, no need to swear on top of the bible, no defense mechanism, no hurt to oneself or to others. This is Nirvana.

Le grande Mirage (the great mirage).

Mirage: an optical illusion in which the image of a distant object, as a ship or an oasis, is made to appear nearby, floating in air, inverted, etc   or simply something that falsely appears to be real.

Bringing this notion to life, mirages are similar to these circumstances we may, at times, find ourselves in. They seem promising in the outside, they seem good, but they are accompanied by an empty feeling of confusion, void and potential chaos(the choice is ours). Le Grande Mirage is an event that present itself with so much disguising power that it feels like love, it feels like nirvana to the five senses, but a void to the sixth…  and this is where the need to cultivate that intuitive state becomes crucial. In Le Grande Mirage, everything but intuition feels right. Although our intentions are utterly good as we follow the instinctive lure of reaching the oasis and the anticipation of seating by its shades, really does’t matter, this is a realm where intentions are neutral because the event itself is the trap. The very nature of Le Grande Mirage is delusional .These events are as empty as their own nature. When we are in integrity with ourselves Le Grande Mirage looks, sounds, tastes, smells and feels like nothing else than what it is: A mirage, a delusion . In a state of love and clarity to be caught  in the midst of severe confusion, to succumb to its delusional lure, to dive the head into the sand is never going to be  an option. While it is human to make mistakes it is also human to learn from them. Are you in the midst of Le Grande Mirage??? If so… read again!