Blame it on Eurotophobia (All Pharmaceutical Co BS)

One of the things I learned in America is that everything has an appropriate name for it.. Especially these “health” conditions. In my native Brazil, if you are sad we will say you are sad or if you are happy we simply will say you are happy!  In many ways life is easier when we just accept the simplicity of what it is. But simplicity has a devalued connotation in a country that is highly capitalist hence our need to understand our moods and every single behavior , and to do so we have to name it… call it something we can put our finger on. Unfortunately so, every time we give something a “proper” name, we have to dissect it first, separate it, classify it, and later on…medicate it. We do this with everything here in the USA, at times I do wonder if Americans (especially those who have never left its borders ) realize this phenomena, at all. Although I am under -qualified by any academic standards, humbly will I write some observations you may find, at the very least, somewhat entertaining.

Under American skies, sadness has many causes and it is rarely just accepted as such. Sadness has to be either Depression( the longing for the past) or Anxiety (the longing for the future). And up to this point the madness is somehow under control as the whole world could easily associate with that notion. The issue however,  becomes a bit more disturbing .. as lines begin to be drawn between these conditions creating the so called Phobias.. Some Doctors will speak about these conditions with a seriousness that I find fascinating, as the pharmaceutical companies get absurdly richer, EVERYDAY, at the cost of the ignorance of a mind that needs to  SEPARATE, NAME and MEDICATE. We grow overly medicated and deeply sadder. What happened to our simple  human likes and dislikes? Why do you have to make it a condition or phobia out of everything?  This ridiculous list of recognized medical phobias goes from A-Z . For your own amusement (and mine) I will name a few:

-Ablutophobia – Fear of washing or bathing.

-Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic.

-Aulophobia – Fear of flutes.

-Bromidrosiphobia – Fear of body smells.

-Cyclophobia – Fear of bicycles.

-Zoophobia – Fear of animals.

-Zelophobia – Fear of jealousy.

Although these phobias are named and recognized all over the world,  I have seen few cultures that would have taken them as seriously as we have. Why?? Because the pharmaceutical company prefers to call you an Eurotophobic before it calls you a homosexual. They will say that you suffer from a rare phobia called Xenophobia before they call you closed minded. They will advocate the need for medication for every condition that could be healed with a bit more of research and self awareness, because  ignorance is PROFITABLE. Like puppets we go… and it all leads to the real condition here: LIVER DISEASE, not just a mere side effect but an illness created by an overload of toxic substances.

Every time I feel sad, I find an exquisite beauty in it… a beauty of being alive. But it is not always that easy. There is always a  natural desire to hurry up and make it better… of looking around and loosing focus, God knows it would be easier to call it ADD, ADHD… take a pill and make it go away. Well, as WE in America wholesomely raise the flag in celebration of the marvelous  endeavors of modern medicine, somewhere below the Ecuador, followed by whistling sounds, a man trepidly raises up his glass … completely unaware of the devastating life threatening effects of Crystallophobia.