Do we know???

Early  January this year, one of my dear  friends was diagnosed with Lung cancer. Doctors gave him 6 months to live.  It has been 7 and he is still alive. Something about such defined statements have never sat right with me, when it comes to  death, unless medicine knows for sure, it should never have the right to use of the exactness  nature of a numerical predicament, either you know for sure or you don’t. Do we know?.  Both death and Mathematics are universal, and they give no gaps for doubt. They give you no hope at all, and life is hope, no matter if it is a day, a week, a month or years.

The exact-nature of such a statement,  utterly disturbs me, because 6 months have  gone by and  my friend is still alive. So either the doctors lied or they lied. Since finding out about his condition he has denied the chemotherapeutic approach and has emerged deeply into homeopathic alternatives. Who’s to say that is not the Chemotherapy treatment itself medicine’s ally to precisely predict how much of this life we have to live?

In time such as this, when you are terminally ill a man has little to hold on to, he has his friends, he has his faith, he has his family, and I think my friend made a good choice. He decided to put up a big fight, he decided to live regardless of anything else, he decided to live ONE DAY AT A TIME just like the rest of us should…or could.

If studies are right. “About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States — one death every 13 minutes “.

To most of us, unlike my friend, death come unadvised, like a disguised ninja in the night it steals us the right for the next breath, it releases us from the torment of wondering if will we have a second change… but will we?

As my friend seats in bed suffering from anxiety caused by the anticipation of his own death, some healthy young man somewhere in America has got in his car, assured by the vibrancy of youth, the lack of pain, the lure of tomorrow’s dreams, oblivious to his never returning fate, he has smiled and said “I will see you soon”. Isn’t that ironic?

115 people per day, 805 per week, 3220 per month, would have heard my friend story and sob with him, have they cared, not considering the fact that we just don’t know . But we do know, we all know that eventually we are going to die and 22,540 people have died (in car crashes) alone in the USA,  since he was diagnosed with cancer. So yes, in a very strange way, he did bit the odds.

Seating by him at his bedside, I saw this brave man, fighting for his life. I stopped and thought of how he was before  cancer, and I realized that his spirit has called forth this battle. A battle worthy of his inner strength, and that no matter the outcome, he is doing right now exactly what his life purpose has ALWAYS been: To protect us, to inspire us, to love us and to teach us that we all have a divine-warrior quality deep inside all of us, that continues our journey no matter what, and choose life while we live.

I am honored to have met him and as I face the reality of the facts, I realize, in truth, neither him nor I could possible  know when is our last day of this journey.

As I get in my car tomorrow the odds do not favor me less than any “American” woman or man for that matter, but I am hopeful, and so is he.