At loss for words.

It is safe to say that we, humans, have an intrinsic necessity to express ourselves. It is human nature, I suppose. 

We turn to music, art, journalism… and we want it to be loud and clear. However considering the filters through which, each one of us process information ( expression), the colors and tone of the message often adapt to one thing or the other.  

Only through silence can one truly listen, make your notes go lower and lower until them vanish in the silence of the night. 

Are you mad? Visit the silence. Are you happy? Visit the silence. 

Recently I had the opportunity to practice the silence… at first, I have to admit, that my silence was nothing more than passive-agressiviness, it tasted bitter, it tasted sour… By with time, going through the many internal cycles, I realize that I can use this time in a productive way. Don’t get me wrong. I am still angry, and justified. But the cycle of acceptance and peace also comes mixed and tossed with it all, and the more silent I remain, the more I trust my motives, until, the anger completely subsides leaving me with assertiveness but also empathy, and that’s how I prefer to face the world.

 I realize that there is no need to say something “nice”, until it comes without any trace of fear, fear to loose, fear to seem unreasonably righteous, fear of conflict, conflict is not always a bad thing, conflict makes us grow. In a way, it is a learning curb, where one truly gets what “truth” is, your own truth… and how to say it, without any pretenses or guilt-charged statements. 

There is no other form of communication as effective as the silence, when the heart breaks, and words seem so inadequate. 

A moment of silence, for you and for me… and for all of those who awkwardly profess… I am at loss for words.